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Buyer/Seller Feedback Share your feedback about your experience(s) with particular buyers and sellers that you have conducted a transaction with.

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Default Warning - be very careful with this london uk bond street organisation


hello everyone

this post concerns my recent poor experience with
a bond street london uk watch dealer

this so called "professional" dealer operation goes by the name of :


they have the usual flashy website offering the world so i should
have known better

and according to uk companies house records and a buddy of mine
who does corporate investigation work for me at Dunn and Bradstreet
and Kroll Associates this operation
has changed its address and name many times over the years

the following is a brief outline account of what happened to
me when i offered this operation for sale one of my collection of
luxury watchs ( currently i own 62 )

the watch in question is a $50K usd ( cost price ) luxury
world famous brand limited edition watch

everything i outline below is a true account of what happened
and i recorded all telephone conversations
and even my visit to this operations premises in bond street london uk
by secret video camera ( as i do not trust doing transactions for 50K
objects if i do not know them )

if any govt organisation or court requires proof of the following i will obviously
be pleased to provide any assistance

1. i called the "company" and spoke to someone claiming to be in charge and
going by the of "danni"

2. i advised this individual of the watch i might wish to sell or prefereably exchange for
another watch as i love to do exchanges - i do not need the money to sell

3. "danni" did not wish to do an "exchange deal" but wanted to buy the watch outright as
it was so rare and the last one he had ( still on his website he sold a few years ago ! ) at a price
that we agreed to over the phone - provided the condition of the watch was as i stated - which is
normal i accept

4. i offered to send by email dozens of professional photos and videos of the watch but "danni"
said that it was not required as he knew the watch so well and would by it for the agreed price

5. i advised that i live overseas ( not in the uk ) and would bring the watch to him for him to
inspect it and conclude the transaction - he agreed

6. he offred to pay for the watch " any way i wanted " and in cash - i advised i did not want or need cash
but prefered a certified bank draft or a bank transfer and a very small portion in cash possibly
- he agreed

7. i flew into london from overseas two days later with the watch,all the original paperwork i
had from the manufacturer including an original certificate of authenticity, original box from
the manufacturer and a recent original receipt dating from less than two months for an original
new watch strap i bought from the manufacturers head office in geneva !!!

6. i called the organisation when i arrived in london in the morning and advised i was
in a cab on the way to their premises

7. i was greeted outside the premises by an asian security officer and by a male member of staff inside
who did not offer his name - he told me "danni" was busy downstairs and i had to wait

8. the male staff member asked me to get the watch ready to show "danni" and i duly obliged by placing it on
a tray in front of him with all the documents - he immediately tried to grab the watch saying that he was taking it away downstairs for someone to look at it !!! - not being born yesterday i refused this proposal and immediately told the
assistant that if he wanted to call the police or the manufacturer to see if the watch was stolen or if it was on the manufacturers
list of stolen or priously damaged or "problem" watchs he or "danni" could do so infront of me as i had nothing to hide and knew the whole history of the watch !

9. i immediately placed my passport too on the try so it was proof i was who i stated i was and owned the watch and i was the seller

10. "danni" was downstairs looking and listening to this amazing way to treat a seller on the premises video security
and surveillance camera system - he could see i was not taking any of this "scam" and he immediately came upstairs
to calm the situation down and make pathetic excuese for the way he did "business"

11. after 5 minutes of talking b.s. he stated he no longer wanted to buy the watch with the feable excuse
it was missing one original box !!!

12. i told him we could both immedialy walk accross i road in bond street from his premises to the shop of the world famous manufacturer for me to buy a new box from them but he refused !!!

13. by this time i could see that i was dealing with someone unprofessional and with out a word of honour so i got up and left.

14. i immediately went to see three different watch dealers i have personally bought watch from over the last 30 years in bond street and told them of the story - they were all not surprised and even told me of other stories about what happens when poor unsuspecting sellers fall for the same scam when the assistant takes the watch down stairs and parts of the watch or original documents are swapped or goi miising or even worse - apparently the rumour is there are several court cases in the works

15. i got very very lucky - i did not loose my watch or anything else - be careful with this operation

16. just to test "danni boy " to see if he was all talk and no b.s. i called him the following day when i returned home
overseas - he was "unavailable" by hazard - i left a message with some Russian "assistant" call "Marta" or "Marla" ( i had already been telephone screened by her before ! ) anyway as i had been back to my bank safe deposit box i had receoverd the original manufacturers box that "danni" said stopped him from buying it and asked her to ask him to call me back

17. obviously 48 hrs later "danni - boy" had still not returned my call

18. i called again a few days later and yet another "screening" assistant stated "danni" was not available - obviously he was not going to call back to complete the transaction as he had no intention of ever doing it in the first place !

19. i got lucky ! when i spoke to the other dealers in bond street they advised me to call the very nice professional and honest dealer called Mr I.B. who has very well established premises in a well know north west of england fishing town as he wanted to buy my watch for one of his famous premiership professional football player clients - i ended up selling the watch for $2500 more than the "danni boy " honest "offer" ! and the dealer has just made me an offer i cannot refuse for two of
my vintage daytonas ! happy days - christmas madness !

20. all i want to say to you is that be careful when you have any transactions whatsoever with this "danni" individual - good luck - happy holidays
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And your name is?
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I agree. Your experience does sound intriguing, and I'm happy to see you were not ripped off by an unscrupulous business entity, but this thread belongs in the feedback forum, not the New Member Introduction forum, and I have moved it accordingly.

I would very much appreciate your introducing yourself to our group in a more typically social fashion for your next post. Thanks.
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