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Default Of course you realize THIS means war

Time to get serious against the little bastard groundhogs that have been digging holes all over my property. In the past, when I had more time to pursue, I would use Hav-A-Hart traps, and then take them several miles away and release them. The little dumbsh*ts would walk right into the trap with no bait at all, all's I had to do was set the trap right outside a hole that I saw them go into.

But this year I decided to up the game a bit. I've taken shots with a .44 Mag SA Ruger Vaquero (missed), my trusty Wichita .308 pistol (missed) - both of these had fixed iron sights - and my son's M and P 15 .223, which has a laser dot sight (missed).

Keep in mind, I'm not that bad of a shot, it's just that these are small little varmints on the run at distances of 50 yards or more, and the shots are offhand.

Enter the Ithaca DSPS Police special 12ga. With this I stalked one and hit him with 00 buck at a distance of about 30 feet. Then, and only then, I checked the spread pattern of the pellets on my range target, and realized that I got lucky. The sights on the Ithaca are fixed, but easily acquired

Next up, I'm going with this.

1-0z. copper rifled slugs, said to be accurate to 100 yds, which is about the outer limit of what I would attempt anyway.

I'll keep youse posted. These just arrived today.
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